I’m DevOps Engineer, programmer, visionary and technology enthusiast deeply fascinated in IT which is for me something more than just another 8-hours job. I’m Silesian University of Technology graduate, fan of open source solutions, I believe in JVM (Java, Groovy, Scala, Clojure) but Python/Ruby/Go are also cool. Linux rox, infrastructure as code rox, cloud rox – I have experience mainly in Debian/Ubuntu, Terraform/Ansible, AWS, Kubernetes and Kafka but it will be great to get knowledge from new technologies like Mesos/Marathon, GCP, Chef. Microservices architecture is nothing new for me. I love to spread knowledge to others so I’m active on different conferences/meetups/workshops – I want to collect more badges!!:


It would be great to have more time on new blogs articles related to machine learning and electronics – that’s something in what I want to extend my knowledge. I promise you also that I will create more articles from things which I feel strong (described above). Thank you for visiting my blog and see you on StackOverflow/LinkedIn/Twitter/Youtube/Real life (oh gosh ;d )


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